Thursday, December 27, 2007

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - buy camel ads coupled with illustrations promoting rock music in Rolling Stone magazine violate the tobacco industry's nine-year-old promise not to use cartoons to sell cigarettes, prosecutors in various states said Tuesday.

Attorneys general in at least nine states planned to file lawsuits against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. starting Tuesday about the advertising for Camel cigarettes in the November edition of Rolling Stone, officials said.

The section combines pages of Camel cigarette ads with pages of magazine-produced illustrations on the theme of independent rock music.

"Their latest nine-page advertising spread in Rolling Stone, filled with cartoons, flies in the face of their pledge to halt all tobacco marketing to children," Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett said in a news release Tuesday.

Along with Corbett, attorneys general in California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Maryland and Washington said they were suing. Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe said he also filed a motion Tuesday against R.J. Reynolds.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


A camel cigarettes thick coat reflects sunlight. A shorn camel has to sweat 50% more to avoid overheating. It also insulates them from the intense heat that radiates from hot desert sand. Their long legs help by keeping them further from the hot ground. Camels have been known to swim.

Their mouth is very sturdy, able to chew thorny desert plants. Long eyelashes and ear hairs, together with sealable nostrils, form an effective barrier against sand. Their gait (moving both legs on one side at the same time) and their widened feet help them move without sinking into the sand.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

marlboro miles

The leaves of the tobacco plant are first dried to make cigarettes marlboro miles. Certain brands are then treated with a variety of chemicals, and many additional ingredients may be added. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic; however, trace amounts of the majority of these chemicals are present during combustion of any plant material and cannot be considered an inherent artifact of tobacco smoke only.The amounts of these ingredients can vary widely from one brand or type of cigarette to the next. This is especially true of the tar and nicotine content, the range of which is so extreme that an entire carton of some brands of cigarettes (e.g., Carlton) might contain less tar and/or nicotine than a single cigarette of a "full flavor" brand.Major tobacco companies also pack their cigarettes differently, using the longer more potent section of the tobacco leaf in the end, and moving the short cut pieces in the front (also known as "shake"). The hybrid tobacco leaves a more potent addiction effect this way. Relatively unpopular cigerette companies offer "no additive" cigarettes that are viewed by some as marginally healthier. Such brands include Natural American Spirit (manufactured by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co, an independent subsidiary of Reynolds American) and Winston (manufactured directly by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

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УHe kept them in the back of a drawer, in a box,Ф Michael said. УHe didnТt tell us about half of them. He didnТt talk about what he did. You would be eating dinner across from him and notice that he looked dif- ferent, like, strange, and then you would realize that his face was all red, and his eyebrows were completely gone, and his hairline had receded. He was burned. You would say, СWhat happened to you?Т And he would say, СAw, something flashed over me.Т

УAt the site, all week, guys were joking about him finding a pocket and eventually walking out. They said to me, СHe was probably buried in a void, and as soon as he runs out of buy cigarettes heТs gonna come walking out.ТФ

Rescue workers found the body of Joey Angelini on Monday. He had been listed as missing since the day after the attack. Joey Jr. still is missing. After tomorrowТs funeral Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Lindenhurst, Michael probably will return to the site.
ЦEd Lowe (Newsday Columnist)

Monday, August 20, 2007


The troops stand around holding the horses, sucking back-handed cigarettes, and get on with the unending rounds of military teasing. The officer serves them coffee. It’s just like being behind the bike sheds at school with the cool gang. Above us, a man opens his curtains and rubs his eyes and closes them again. “Once, we were parked up,” the captain says, “Robert De Niro came past. Didn’t bat an eye. He was in London, so of course the Household Cavalry were taking tea in a mews in South Kensington at 6.30 in the morning.”

At 7.30am the Serpentine Swimming Club meets. It’s not a nice morning for a dip. Even the geese have all been blown into a dirty corner by the squally weather. The Serpentine swimmers are one of those peculiar English associations that are invariably prefaced with “intrepid” and “eccentric”. They’ve been meeting here since 1864. They’re a good-natured bunch who tip up in clothes bought for frugality and longevity rather than style. They clutch towels that are as thin and balding as a good many of them are.

Standing on the edge of the lake in distressingly skimpy Speedos and rubber caps, they look like shelled turtles. I can’t help casting their biopic as an Ealing comedy. They range from MPs and retired architects to hotel doormen and taxi drivers. Many of them have swum the Channel. They swim here every week including Christmas Day. There’s no mucking about, no splashing or dive bombs or lilos: today they’re racing. A chap with a barrel chest,

a clipboard and a stopwatch starts them in a relaxed, staggered handicap. “Dave, where are you? Dave, get in.” They dive into the turgid, scummy water and flap their arms with a wiry purpose. After a few minutes the water looks like a war film after the torpedo. The swimming club has a small unisex changing room full of old kit and grinning photographs. It’s crowded with the raucous and morbidly pale, knobbly bodies, sawing at themselves with gritty towels.
Lucky Strike
Mild Seven
Monte Carlo
Pall Mall
Peter I
Russian Style
Virginia Slims

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Marlboro Guide

Indonesia is to start selling clove flavoured
marlboro cigarettes. The largest local cigarette producer, Sampoerna is connected to marlboro and the new cigarettes will go on sale starting July 9th.

Cloves are one of the spices that first drew Europeans to the ‘Spice Islands’ (the Mulukus in eastern Indonesia) back in the 14th Century. Other spices include mace and nutmeg, for which the only source were Arab traders, eager to protect the identity of their source. Kreteks (clove cigarettes) smell a bit like incense, rather than the toxic waste that normal cigarette emit. They are however still bad for you.

Industry analysts say Indonesians want a local taste with an international brand. Still cigarettes are cheap over here at 9,000rp per pack of 20 for Marlboro Lights. I know expats who smoke continually all day, loving the cheap prices.

marlboro clove cigarettes are something you might pick up for a smoker friend as an oleh oleh (gift) from Bali.

Marlboro Fun

Not too long ago, I highlighted in a Health Politics program the fact that China was the No. 1 producer of cigarettes in the world, in part because they had an interest in profiting (at least short term) from meeting the demands of the largest cigarette market in the world -- China itself.

Well, now, China is buying the rights to one of the most famous U.S. brands, Marlboro. Marlboro’s parent company, Philip Morris, a subsidiary of Altria, is happy to sell to the state-owned monopoly, the China National Tobacco Corp., to produce and distribute Marlboro cigarettes in China.

Marlboro is the largest cigarette brand on Earth, controlling about 8% of the total cigarette market share. Now Marlboro has a solid entre'e to some 320 million additional smokers who drew down some 1.8 trillion cigarettes just last year.

But if you think the Marlboro man will cross the border and stay put, listen to this. Currently one-third of all cigarettes smoked in the world are made in China, and as part of this new deal, a 50-50 joint venture between Altria and China National Tobacco has been established in Switzerland to expand marketing and distribution of Chinese cigarettes abroad.

Just when you thought bad policy couldn't get worse, traditional global foes unite around strategies to advance death and disability.


Lovell's abilities became clear to Clinton in the seven years she worked with her. "Through the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, of which I was the Honorary Chair and she the Executive Director, and through her direction of the national programs of the White House Millennium Council, I know well Ellen's many qualities as a leader," Clinton wrote in a recent statement. "I have no doubt that Ellen's leadership, intellect, and ability to engage a wide range of people—from youth to those at the highest levels of government—will make a significant contribution to marlboro College and its future."

With the end of the Clinton administration came the end of McCulloch-Lovell's White House appointments, and she moved on to become the first director of the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress and the president of the Center for Arts and Culture, both subjects dear to her heart. The Veterans History Project records the first-hand accounts of veterans and civilians of American wars from World War I through the Persian Gulf wars. The Center for Arts and Culture, McCulloch-Lovell explains, "is a think tank where public policies that have an impact on cultural life can be examined. In addition, it brings a greater variety of cultural voices into the policy debate."

Lovell sees the Center's mission of bringing the cultural community into public policy overlapping with that of marlboro cigarettes College. "I think Marlboro is an important institution nationally, because of its emphasis on experiential learning and creativity and citizenship. Those are values that attracted me so deeply to marlboro, and they should really be held up as examples nationally.

"There's an exact parallel here with my work at the Center for Arts and Culture, because a lot of what I've been about has been helping people understand their power as citizens. And so the degree to which we have an educated citizenry—going back to Thomas Jefferson's famous quote—and the degree to which young people understand the policies that affect them, is the degree to which we are going to have a better democracy."