Thursday, October 25, 2007

buy cigarettes

УHe kept them in the back of a drawer, in a box,Ф Michael said. УHe didnТt tell us about half of them. He didnТt talk about what he did. You would be eating dinner across from him and notice that he looked dif- ferent, like, strange, and then you would realize that his face was all red, and his eyebrows were completely gone, and his hairline had receded. He was burned. You would say, СWhat happened to you?Т And he would say, СAw, something flashed over me.Т

УAt the site, all week, guys were joking about him finding a pocket and eventually walking out. They said to me, СHe was probably buried in a void, and as soon as he runs out of buy cigarettes heТs gonna come walking out.ТФ

Rescue workers found the body of Joey Angelini on Monday. He had been listed as missing since the day after the attack. Joey Jr. still is missing. After tomorrowТs funeral Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Lindenhurst, Michael probably will return to the site.
ЦEd Lowe (Newsday Columnist)