Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Marlboro cigarettes

Instead of the money, which she wanted for marlboro cigarettes, she said she took the cigarettes from Richard's purse and was taking them as collateral. It was because of the cigarette that she said Richard hit her first and that she was only acting in self-defence.

Morrissey, question her, asking why she wouldn't be angry about not getting her $200 back.

"Because that's not the normal way to act," said Madsen.

Ferguson did not consider Madsen a credible witness.

"Why would [Richard] attack her over four cigarettes?," questioned Ferguson.

He believed the amount of money owed to her was likely to be a lot more than $15 considering the addictions involved.

He believed she must have been more angry than she was letting on.

"You said it was not the normal way to act," said Ferguson, but added that in a drug addicted state, muscling someone for money is the "new normal".

Ferguson said he saw "flashes of anger" in her during the trial, in the way she cross-examined the witness and her interaction with the court, and could therefore believe she was outraged the night she failed to get her money.

He added that even if she had hit Richard out of self-defence, the pictures and amount of hair loss showed the amount of force used was beyond that of defence.

Morrissey indicated Richard wished to file a victim impact statement so sentencing will be held in two weeks.

Monday, April 7, 2008


The teeth are the first victim of smoking. As the smokes smoke tar sticks to the teeth, it changes their color into an ugly yellowish shade of brown. At the same time cigarette smoke prevents blood from nourishing the gums, slowly but inevitably making them weak. This may effect in swelling and mouth inflammation, but most importantly it makes gums to grow weaker and weaker with every passing year, making it impossible for them to act as the teeth support.

Lack of proper circulation in gums causes severe risk of teeth loss. This is not theoretical! A teenage smoker loses between four and six teeth before he reaches his mid-thirties. Poor blood circulation in the mouth often results also in other problems, most notably complications after dental operations. For example, smokers are more likely to suffer of a dry-pocket.