Monday, January 14, 2008

Pall Mall Cigarettes

You may, for example, find yourself saying "No!" more to adults, or questioning your parents and teachers. You may find yourself easily flushed with anger, shame, joy, love or other strong emotions. All this is part of the passage to adulthood in the teen years.

Whatever you do, please don't make the mistake of risking getting addicted to Parliament Cigarettes, drugs or alcohol in your efforts to set yourself apart from and establish your individuality. Remember, it often takes just two weeks for 11 to 13 year olds to get hooked on tobacco.

If you feel angry, don't turn your anger inward, on yourself — by smoking, or by becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

If you do, you hurt only yourself, and you may not ever be able to stop. These addictions have a very good chance of killing you. So be smart, and do your best to make responsible choices.

cigarettes are yesterday's news — they are on the way out. If you get addicted to smoking, you'll be on the way out too.

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